Malcolm Smith's

Scenes of Verwood



The pictures in this section were taken by myself over a period of time commencing around 1976. The purpose was to record some of the places before they were drastically changed by building development.

I have set out the pictures of the roads in the order as if you were walking along from one end to the other (which is much as they were taken). If you are uncertain of the layout of the roads, the County Red Book for Dorset has a good map of Verwood on page 44. There is also map on the Verwood page of the Dorset County Council website.

A useful contemporary map on which to locate my pictures is the Ordnance Survey sheet SU 00 NE published in 1963 at a scale of 6 inches to one mile.

There are three publications which have a selection of older photographs of the village. These are Verwood Village Days, Images of England - Around Verwood and Village to Town. I make reference in my pages to relevant pictures in these books so that you are able to see how places have changed over the years.

Select your choice from the list below. More will be added soon.

Bakers Farm in 1976
Bakers Farm since 1976.
Black Hill between 1976 and 1981
Bridleway 10 in 1999
Bridleway 30 in August 1999
Bridleway 30 in October 1999
Bugdens Lane to Copse Road via Bugdens Copse in 1976
Bugdens Lane since 1976
Burnbake Road in 1976
Burnbake Road since 1976
Burrows Lane in 1977
Burrows Lane in 1999
Church Hill between 1976 and 1979
Coopers Lane in 1977
Coopers Lane in 1999
Crane Drive between 1976 and 1977
Dewlands Road in 1978
Dewlands Way in 1976
Doe's Lane in 1983
Doe's Lane in 1999
Eastworth Road in 1978
Eastworth Road in the snow in 1978
Eastworth Road in the snow in 1985
Eastworth Road since 1985
Ebblake in 1976 and 1977
Edmonsham Road in 1976
Edmonsham Road in 1981
Edmonsham Road in 1999
Edmonsham Road beyond the village boundary between 1976-1985
Edmonsham Road beyond the village boundary in the snow in 1978
Firs Glen Road 1978
Footpath 6 in 1984
Footpath 26 from Dewlands Way to Dewlands Road in 1976
The Grove in 1976
Hillside Road in 1977
Holmlea between 1999 and 2000
Horton Way between 1976 and 1984
Howe Lane in 1978
Lake Road in 1976.  Part 1 - Newtown Road to Woodlinken Drive
Lake Road in 1976.  Part 2 - Woodlinken Drive to Ringwood Road
Lesser Building Systems between 1976 and 1983
Manor Lane in 1978
Manor Road between 1976 and 1978.  Part 1 - Cross Roads to Glenwood Road
Manor Road between 1976 and 1978.  Part 2 - Glenwood Road to Potterne
Manor Road in the snow between 1977 and 1978
Margards Lane in 1976.
Margards Lane since 1976.
Nellie's Lane, Gotham in 1985
Nellie's Lane, Gotham in 1999
Newtown Lane in 1978
Newtown Road between 1978 and 1984
Park Drive in 1985
Pine View area in 1976
Ringwood Road between 1976 and 1981
Ringwood Road since 1981
Romford Mill Farm between 1976 and 1977
Sandy Lane in 1981
Sandy Lane, Three Legged Cross in 1981
Southernhay Road in 1976
Springfield Road in 1978
Station Road between 1976 and 1979 - part 1 : Crossroads to Pine View Road
Station Road between 1976 and 1979 - part 2 : Pine View Road to Romford
Station Road in the snow in 1978
Station Road in 1984
Station Road in 1990
Station Road in 1999
Station Road in 2000
Verne Road in 1976
Verwood Farm in 1978
Vicarage Road in 1976
Vicarage Road since 1976
West Farm in 1976
Woodlinken area between 1978 and 1979

And last of all, for those few of you who have not collected a few Verwood bricks, here are pictures of some. All these came from The Verwood and Gotham Brick and Tile Works at the back of the railway station (Now Albion Way).

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