Verwood Village Scenes


Margards Lane

Since 1976




Looking down Margards Lane from Church Hill about one year after the road was made up.

The brick house on the left is number 17 Church Hill.

3 June 1979      [6/M/28]

The top end of Margards Lane looking towards Church Hill at the time the road was being made up.

The white bungalow is number 6. The brick house on the right is number 17 Church Hill.

11 February 1978      [4/G/36]

Further down the road during reconstruction. The birch tree is in the garden of number 40.

The older house on the left is number 20.

Compare this with the picture on page 5 of Verwood Village Days.

11 February 1978      [4/G/35]

Looking back up Margards Lane from the junction with Howe Lane.

On the left is the entrance to number 72. House numbers 52 and 54 are in view in the distance.

11 February 1978      [4/G/34]

The point where Margards Lane turns right and Howe Lane joins from the left.

The site for the new school is opposite.

30 September 1984      [16/T/1]

Work has commenced on the building of Emmanuel school.

30 September 1984      [16/T/2]

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