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Can you remember how Verwood looked 25 years ago? Things change and it is easy it is to forget how they were before.

I have taken quite a few photographs of the village from time to time in an attempt to capture scenes before they change. Now I think it might be interesting to show those old photographs so that they can be compared with the way things are now.

The first few are available below but more are in preparation and will be added soon. I have spent quite a bit of time walking around the village in recent months to remind myself of the exact locations from which the photographs were taken and it has proved quite difficult in some cases.

I first came to Verwood I lived in Manor Road which gave me an ideal view of the carnival each year as the procession passed the door. My photographs of some of the carnivals are included here.

The Verwood Historical Society has a comprehensive collection of photographs, documents and memorabilia about the village. Copies of the photographs on this web-site have been passed to the society to add to their already extensive collection. A website for Verwood Historical Society is being developed by Jill Coulthard and already has some interesting old pictures plus information about the society.

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