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Margards Lane





Remains of the New Inn at the junction of Margards Lane and Church Hill.

There is a picture of the top of Margards Lane and the New Inn in Verwood Village Days on page 5.

31 March 1976      [L/25]

New houses at the top end of Margards Lane, the white bungalow is numbers 6 and the brick house beyond it is number 8.

31 March 1976     [L/26]

Looking down Margards Lane from Number 8.

31 March 1976      [N/20]

Taken from where Number 14 now is. Lancaster Drive is now just on the left hand side.

31 March 1976      [L/28]

Looking back up Margards Lane from opposite Keswick Way. The old house centre left is number 20 and the house with the red roof opposite Hayward Crescent is number 9.

Compare this with the picture on page 5 of Verwood Village Days.

31 March 1976      [L/29]

Taken from opposite Keswick Way. Hayward Crescent now covers the green field at the back of the picture.

31 March 1976      [L/30]

"Hayward's Farm Bungalow", now number 76 and surrounded by new houses looks across the school grounds.

31 March 1976      [L/32]

Haywards Farm which is still there but is now behind houses since Haywards Farm Close was built.

31 March 1976      [L/34]

Taken from just past the entrance to Haywards Farm with Verwood Farm to the left.

31 March 1976      [L/35]

Opposite the junction with Forge Lane.

The buildings which can be seen behind the trees were part of a former pottery. It formed part of a private house called "Sandalholme" by this time lived in by the late Mr Donald Scrivens who had a collection of old typewriters.

The buildings were taken down when the new houses were built in Holly Grove.

25 April 1976      [R/2]

Taken from the junction with Forge Lane which runs off to the left.

The bungalow is "Dewcott" then just past that on the left is Horton Way.

25 April 1976      [R/1]

Looking toward the last part of Margards Lane before it meets Dewlands Road.

25 April 1976      [R/3]

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