Verwood Village Scenes


Station Road





Looking over the crossroads to Heynes garage which is now vacant and due to be replaced by shops and flats.

27 May 2000      [28/O/1]

The workshops at the back of Heynes garage.

27 May 2000      [28/O/2]

Yet more roadworks along this sectio of road. This time the turning into the Bakers Farm development is being remade.

27 May 2000      [28/O/3]

This is the site of the new health centre with Heynes workshops visible beyond.

27 May 2000      [28/O/5]

Looking at the entrance to the Bakers Farm development.

The police station is on the right.

27 May 2000      [28/O/4]

Looking from Berkeley Close at the entrance to the Bakers Farm development before it was altered.

19 May 2000      [28/N/36]

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