Verwood Village Scenes


Holmlea Gate





Looking across the fields from Eastworth Road towards Park Drive in days before the development was contemplated.

19 January 1985      [16/V/24]

Five years later these fields between Eastworth Road and Station Road were still used for cattle grazing.

9 November 1990      [23/N/7]

Looking from the same spot towards "Old Oaks".

Notice the neatly trimmed hedge along Eastworth Road.

9 November 1990      [23/N/6]

Looking from the top of Bridleway 30 back along the hedge to Eastworth Road.

12 August 1999      [28/B/15]

From the same spot looking across the field towards Park Drive.

12 August 1999      [28/B/16]

Taken from next to "Wilverley" in Eastworth Road.

12 October 1999      [28/D/5]

Looking across the fields from the junction of Bridleway 30 with Eastworth Road.

12 October 1999      [28/D/11]

Looking from next to "Wilverley" towards "Old Oaks".

12 October 1999      [28/D/6]

The builders compound in the west corner of the site seen from Eastworth Road.

26 April 2000      [28/M/6]

Looking from Eastworth Road towards Coopers Lane.

26 April 2000      [28/M/7]

The formation of the new road as far as it reaches at this stage viewed from Bridleway 30.

29 July 1999      [27/Z/25]

A view of the new road being constructed off Edmonsham Road.

24 July 1999      [27/Z/14]

Looking across the new roundabout from the re-aligned section of Coopers Lane.

24 July 1999      [27/Z/13]

One tree remains after many have been felled to make way for the alterations.

24 July 1999      [27/Z/12]

Looking from the roundabout in Edmonsham Road.

19 May 2000      [28/N/33]

The entrance to the new development. McLean working to the left and Thamesway on the right.

19 May 2000      [28/N/34]

Looking north from Station Road.

19 May 2000      [28/N/35]

Looking from Crane Drive across the roundabout in Station Road.

26 April 2000      [28/M/12]

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