Verwood Village Scenes


Burrows Lane





Looking back towards Verwood.

The entrance to Burrows Farm is on the right.

5 August 1999      [28/A/6]

Looking ahead.

This former coach road has reverted to a narrow track here. A bridleway now, it is also a designated Byway.

5 August 1999      [28/A/5]

Proceeding north.

5 August 1999      [28/A/7]

The track splits three ways here. Right leads to the forestry at Pistle Hill. Left (out of sight) is an ancient track that rejoins at Chaseborough Park. Ahead the bridleway becomes Bridleway 10 to Gotham and is the continuation of this old road to Cranborne.

5 August 1999      [28/A/8]

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