Verwood Village Scenes


West Farm





As you reach the bridge over the river Crane you see the back of the old barn at West Farm.

9 April 1976      [M/23]

A view of the farmhouse from Station Road.

The farm was formerly known as Lower Farm.

A large chestnut tree stood each side of the entrance to the farm.

9 April 1976      [M/27]

This magnificant barn stands on the left of the farm track.

28 April 1976      [R/11]

The milking parlour was to the right of the barn.

9 April 1976      [M/30]

Looking back at the barns and milking parlour.

9 April 1976      [M/28]

The farmhouse which stands opposite the buildings in the picture above.

In the garden there is a brick lined ice-house.

28 April 1976      [R/8]

Looking back at the farmhouse.

9 April 1976      [M/29]

Outbuildings alonside the farmhouse as seen in the picture above.

28 April 1976      [R/10]

The tractor shed.

This has since been converted to nice holiday cottages.

28 April 1976      [R/9]

Looking back towards Station Road.

The houses belonged to the farm and were tenanted to employees

19 March 1983      [12/W/15]

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