Verwood Village Scenes


Station Road


Part 1 - Cross Roads to Pine View Road



Looking down the start of Station Road from the crossroads at Hopkins Newsagents.

Day's shop next door was the greengrocer, fishmonger and fish and chip shop.

On the left the house past Ottons stood where the car sales lot now exists.

Look on page 17 of Around Verwood to compare the changes here. There is also a picture of the garage on page 23 of Verwood Village Days.

29 November 1978      [5/T/5]

The view from outside J T Gallagher the chemist.

29 November 1978      [5/T/6]

Bakers Farm on the left and Crane Drive beyond.

Berkeley Close now exists on the right hand side.

Compare this with the pictures on page 2 of Verwood Village Days.

29 November 1978      [5/T/7]

The copse on the left was cut down to build Berkeley Close.

Newly constructed Crane Drive is on the right and McLean's sales board can be seen.

29 November 1978      [5/T/8]

The view from just past Crane Drive.

29 November 1978      [5/T/9]

"Thatched Cottage" is on the left.

Eastworth Road goes off to the right just beyond the trees.

The phone box in the distance was a short way past the entrance to Pine View Road.

29 November 1978      [5/T/10]

"Thatched Cottage".

29 November 1978      [5/T/12]

"Ensbury" and "The Cottage" opposite the entrance to Eastworth Road.

29 November 1978      [5/T/13]

Another view of "Ensbury" and "The Cottage".

25 November 1978      [5/S/33]

On the right is Eastworth Road.

The house on the right is "The Coppice" which was opposite the entrance to Dewlands Road.

The white cottage beyond is "Somerley Cottage" which I believe was once the Police house.

Look on page 29 of Around Verwood to see the bungalows opposite the field.

29 November 1978      [5/T/11]

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