Verwood Village Scenes


Station Road


Part 2 - Pine View Road to Romford



Taken just past Pine View Road showing Station Road where it swung round over the railway bridge.

Just past the phone box was a path that went down originally to the railway but latterly to the Albion Hotel.

11 April 1976      [O/11]

The Albion Hotel seen from Lessers car park.

There is a nice picture to compare on page 23 of Verwood Village days.

I have to admit that I have had a few pints in there over the years.

29 September 1976      [1/V/19]

Looking north from the railway bridge with the trackbed curving away to the right towards Alderholt.

The house is "Dorville" with Brickyard Lane running behind it.

11 April 1976      [O/12]

The other side of the Albion Hotel.

Also in view is the former station masters house.

The yellow car is turning into the premises of Lesser Building Systems who occupied the old railway station yard.

9 April 1976      [M/34]

Romford Mill Farm seen from just past the Albion Hotel.

11 April 1976      [O/13]

Romford Mill Farm.

9 April 1976      [M/22]

Station Road sweeps round from Brickyard Lane down to the river bridge.

Romford East Farm is the other side of the bridge. Up on the hill behind the electricity pylon is the telephone exchange next to Warwick's Lane.

9 April 1976      [M/20]

Cattle in the field opposite Romford Mill Farm.

This became part of a protected area designated by English Nature in 1999.

11 April 1976      [O/15]

Romford Bridge over the river Crane where the parish ends.

See also the picture on page 30 of Around Verwood.

Straight ahead is West Farm and through the trees on the right is Romford East Farm.

11 April 1976      [M/23]

Romford Bridge viewed looking back from Romford East Farm.

Down to the right is where the carts would have gone as described on page 30 of Around Verwood.

The river is the parish boundary.

12 February 1984      [15/J/21]

Romford East Farm.

30 April 1976      [T/26]

Outbuildings of Romford East Farm.

Jack Waterfield's mini pickup can be seen parked in the machines shed.

30 April 1976      [R/7]

A view of the back of the Romford East Farm.

The Albion Hotel and station masters house are visible in the distance on the left. This picture is more recent than others in this sequence which explains why the Albion Hotel looks different from the picture further up this page.

12 February 1984      [15/J/22]

Romford East farmhouse.

This building may date back to Jacobean times.

See also the picture on page 30 of Around Verwood.

30 April 1976      [T/27]

Just past Romford Mill Farm are "Romford Cottage" and "Old Cottage".

9 April 1976      [M/31]

Up the hill beyond Romford East Farm. The building is the telephone exchange near Warwick's Lane.

6 January 1979      [5/V/10]

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