Verwood Village Scenes


Eastworth Road

Since 1985




Looking towards Station Road from "Shaftesbury House".

19 March 1987      [19/G/16]

Looking in the opposite direction from the same spot.

19 March 1985      [19/G/17]

Woodland opposite "Wilverley" after storm damage to the trees.

28 January 1990      [22/K/36]

A view of "Old Oaks" across the field.

9 December 1990      [23/N/9]

The same location as the picture above but the hedges are now neglected as the fields behind have ceased to be farmed and are due for development.

12 October 1999      [28/D/8]

Looking back from the same location.

12 October 1999      [28/D/9]

View of the back of the piggeries and other farm outbuildings.

16 September 1990      [23/I/29]

The buildings are falling into disrepair.

28 January 1990      [22/K/32]

The fallen roof slates as seen in the picture above have gone by now.

26 April 1990      [22/X/26]

The road sign at the eastern end of Eastworth Road.

12 October 1999      [28/D/13]

Direction signs at the junction with Edmonsham Road.

12 October 1999      [28/D/14]

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Eastworth Road in the snow in 1985

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