Verwood Village Scenes


Eastworth Road





Looking along Eastworth Road towards Station Road.

19 January 1985      [16/V/22]

Looking in the same direction.

Taken from the driveway to "Wilverley".

19 January 1985      [16/V/36]

Looking in the opposite direction with the driveway to "Wilverley" visible on the right.

19 January 1985      [16/V/23]

Looking back with "Wilverley" in view.

19 January 1985      [16/V/26]

Just two weeks earlier, this view of the old piggeries belonging to Eastworth Farm.

In the background can be seen the chimney of the brick and tile works at the end of Brickyard Lane. The chimney was demolished in 2000.

5 January 1985      [16/V/5]

The gateway into the piggeries opposite bridleway 30.

19 January 1985      [16/V/28]

Between the piggeries and granary.

The brickworks chimney can be seen in the distance on the left.

19 January 1985      [16/V/35]

The same place taken a fortnight earlier.

5 January 1985      [16/V/4]

The granery to Eastworth farm used at this time as a store by the builders Sims Bros.

19 January 1985      [16/V/34]

A view of Eastworth Farm taken from the top of bridleway 30.

19 January 1985      [16/V/27]

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Eastworth Road before the snow in 1985

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