Verwood Village Scenes


Church Hill





Church Hill at it's lower junction with Manor Road.

12 January 1977      [2/M/22]

Looking back down Church Hill towards Manor Road from the junction with Margards Lane.

The white house on the right is the doctor's surgery.

11 February 1978      [4/G/37]

The brick house in the distance is number 17 next to the junction with Margards Lane.

The white car is parked on the main track that crossed through to Dewlands Way.

11 February 1978      [6/M/26]

Looking from the junction with Margards Lane towards the church.

The remains of the New Inn are out of picture on the left.

11 February 1978      [6/M/29

Land opposite the church being cleared for building. Three bungalows were built facing the church and two more fronting onto Dewlands Way.

The two principal tracks through to Dewlands Way can be seen here.

11 February 1978      [6/M/27]

The new road off Church Hill (soon to be called Vicar's Walk) now runs from the right to link with Dewlands Way.

11 February 1978      [6/M/25]

The bin for dead flowers and wreaths in the churchyard. Should one say 'deceased' ?!

17 April 1978      [4/Q/5]

A view of the churchyard from Manor Road.

The former church school can be seen on the left.

17 April 1978      [H/10]

The former church school viewed from the back garden of "Tricketts Cottage".

The right-hand part of the building was the vergers house.

7 March 1976      [H/8]

Sunset over the school playing-field viewed from "Tricketts Cottage".

The field was scheduled as public open space when the school closed but the land was later sold off by the District Council.

28 November 1976      [2/H/23]

Another view of the school field.

This area is now occupied by the bungalows in Churchfield and the tree is still standing.

The white building in the background is number 6 at the top of Margards Lane.

15 February 1978      [4/H/8]

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