Verwood Village Scenes


Station Road





Looking towards the village from the entrance to The Oaks. The Oaks was built on the site of "St Margarets" where religious classes were held for children during the summer holidays.

The entrance to Crane Drive is on the right in the distance.

16 September 1990      [23/I/27]

The road has been aligned to avoid the old railway bridge and has probably gone back to the position it was originally before the railway was built.

2 April 1990      [22/M/16]

The old road is now isolated behind the Albion Hotel.

The road on the right is the entrance to the newly created Albion Way

2 April 1990      [22/M/18]

The road still sweeps round in front of Romford Mill Farm.

2 April 1990      [22/M/19]

The old road is being broken up to allow grass to be sewn.

2 April 1990      [22/M/17]

Looking east at the old and new alignments.

2 April 1990      [22/M/20]

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