Verwood Village Scenes


Romford Mill Farm





Looking west towards the mill from Station Road.

9 April 1976      [M/25]

A similar view of the farm buildings.

9 April 1976      [M/21]

"Romford Cottage" and the farm buildings as seen from Station Road.

9 April 1976      [M/22]

Buildings on the right hand side of the farm track.

The house behind is "Romford House".

11 February 1977      [2/Q/3]

Buildings and the midden in the farm yard.

11 February 1977      [2/Q/7]

To the left of the picture above.

Behind is "Romford Cottage".

11 February 1977      [2/Q/6]

Further along the track.

11 February 1977      [2/Q/8]

A view of the mill.

9 April 1976      [M/26]

Romford Mill and millhouse.

11 February 1977      [2/Q/4]

The mill stream that runs under the mill.

11 February 1977      [2/Q/5]

The back of the mill.

11 February 1977      [2/Q/1]

Another view behind the mill.

The building on the horizon is the telephone exchange.

11 February 1977      [2/Q/2]

Looking at the farm from the bridge over the river Crane.

9 April 1976      [M/24]

Looking at "Romford Cottage" and "Romford House" from near Romford East Farm.

9 April 1976      [M/33]

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