Verwood Village Scenes


Edmonsham Road

beyond the village boundary





The edge of Burrows Copse on the east side of the road.

6 April 1985      [16/X/25]

Between Ironmongers Copse and Westworth Farm.

These hedges seldom get cut now.

6 April 1985      [16/X/24]

Approaching "Westworth" opposite Westworth Farm.

This picture shows the building since reconstruction.

6 April 1985      [16/X/26]

"Westworth", believed to have formerly been called Poolmans Cottage, where the Fry family lived before it fell into disrepair.

A new thatch had recently been put on to stop the decay.

11 April 1976      [O/20]

Mr Fry was a carter for Mr Cheeseman of Westworth Farm.

Mrs Fry used to push a barrow full of market garden produce to the weekly auction in Verwood.

11 April 1976      [O/19]

Westworth Farm seen across the fields.

6 April 1985      [16/X/27]

The entrance to Westworth Farm.

6 April 1985      [16/X/28]

A view across to Romford taken from near Pinnocks Cross.

23 February 1978      [4/I/2]

Pinnocks Cottage from the bridge.

11 April 1976      [O/16]

Pinnocks Moor Bridge over the river Crane.

11 April 1976      [O/17]

Taken from somewhere around Pinnocks Cross, this view looks across towards Smallbridge Farm.

28 February 1978      [4/I/2]

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Snowdrifts in Edmonsham Road beyond the Verwood boundary

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