Verwood Village Scenes


Eastworth Road





The junction of Eastworth Road with Station Road.

Behind the hedge on the left is a field where horses grazed. On the right is reputed to have been a dog pound where the electricity sub-station now stands.

The signpost marks the location as Verwood Sawmills which was the most significant adjacent landmark.

25 November 1978      [5/S/16]

Looking back towards Station Road with the entrance to "Shaftesbury House" on the left.

The house in view is "Cranleigh House" in Station Road.

29 November 1978      [5/T/1]

Looking along the lane with "Wilverley" on the right.

29 November 1978      [5/T/2]

Halfway along the lane. The left hand side is always good for blackberries in late summer and in spring bluebells grow on the bank on the right.

The house in the distance is "Old Oaks".

29 November 1978      [5/T/3]

A view of Eastworth Farm at the end of Eastworth Road.

The house just visible on the right is "Old Oaks" which had only recently been built when this picture was taken.

Just this side of the house bridleway 30 goes through to Edmonsham Road.

29 November 1978      [5/T/4]

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Eastworth Road in the snow in 1978

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