Verwood Village Scenes


Eastworth Road





Looking towards Station Road from the begining of the woods.

31 December 1978      [5/V/7]

The house on the right is "Cranleigh" which is in Station Road but backs onto Eastworth Road.

31 December 1978      [5/V/6]

"Shaftesbury House" with "The Spinney" visible next door.

31 December 1978      [5/U/31]

Halfway along Eastworth Road looking towards Edmonsham Road.

I was told by a lifelong resident of the village that the road was formerly called Sandy Lane but was renamed to avoid confusion as there is another Sandy Lane in Verwood and one in Three Legged Cross.

31 December 1978      [5/U/33]

The field on the left hand side of the road from the picture above.

31 December 1978      [5/U/32]

Horses in the field on the opposite side of the road. They are sheltering behind the hedge next to the bridleway.

31 December 1978      [5/U/35]

View between the old outbuildings and the old granary of Eastworth Farm.

15 February 1978      [4/H/11]

View behind the old granary.

15 February 1978      [4/H/9]

The old granary to the left of Eastworth Farm, both in Edmonsham Road.

15 February 1978      [5/U/34]

Eastworth Farm.

15 February 1978      [4/H/10]

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Eastworth Road before the snow in 1978

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