Verwood Village Scenes


Station Road





Looking at the crossroads with Hopkins Newsagents on the left and the Garage on the right.

31 December 1978      [5/V/3]

The entrance to Crane Drive is on the right.

The person standing on the right is Dave Johnson, a colleague of mine from work, who was staying with us as he could not get home due to the snow.

31 December 1978      [5/V/2]

Looking towards the village from the junction with Eastworth Road.

The nearest house on the left is "Cranleigh".

31 December 1978      [5/U/37]

The horse being kept in the former back garden of "Ensbury" which was unoccupied.

31 December 1978      [5/V/5]

Eastworth Road is on the right. The house beyond is "The Coppice".

31 December 1978      [5/U/36]

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