Verwood Village Scenes


Edmonsham Road





Approaching work on the new roundabout.

12 October 1999      [28/D/20]

Looking back towards the village.

12 October 1999      [28/D/19]

On the left is the new road to link with Station Road.

12 October 1999      [28/D/21]

Looking along the new road.

12 October 1999      [28/D/17]

Looking south at the site of the new roundabout.

The white van is in Coopers Lane.

12 October 1999      [28/D/16]

Construction work viewed from outside number 53.

12 October 1999      [28/D/15]

The signpost at the junction with Eastworth Road.

29 September 1999      [27/Z/4]

Eastworth Farm which at this time is unoccupied and in the process of being converted into holiday homes. The dairy on the left-hand end of the building has been demolished.

12 October 1999      [28/D/12]

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