Verwood Village Scenes


Station Road





"Ensbury" and "The Cottage" now looking decidedly derelict.

28 April 1984      [15/S/14]

The signpost is still in good order in this picture but has since deteriorated and the finial on top has been taken by collectors.

28 April 1984      [15/S/13]

The approach to the railway bridge with the Albion Hotel in view.

At this time there was a telephone box on the left. There was also a post box which has since been moved to the junction with Dewlands Road.

12 February 1984      [15/J/15]

The Albion Hotel which has been painted since 1978.

12 February 1984      [15/J/18]

The entrance to Lessers works (Now Albion Way).

The brick house was originally the station masters house but had become part of Lessers offices by this time.

12 February 1984      [15/J/20]

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