Verwood Village Scenes







The spur off Little Woodlinken to what later would be Whitebeam Way.

16 July 1978      [5/A/30]

Looking along Little Woodlinken from the entrance to Whitebeam Way and with Lake Road behind the camera.

16 July 1978      [5/A/31]

Halfway along Little Woodlinken looking east.

16 July 1978      [5/A/32]

Looking east with Moneyfly Road leading off from the left.

16 July 1978      [5/A/33]

Standing in Woodlinken Drive looking at Woodlinken Close to the left and Little Woodlinken to the right.

Little Woodlinken became part of Woodlinken Drive when it was made up through to Lake Road.

16 July 1978      [5/A/34]

Woodlinken Close in the ice and snow.

The pillars with urns on top are at the driveway of number 25.

The roads in Woodlinken Close were fully made up when the estate was built but Woodlinken Drive was not made up until much later.

6 January 1979      [5/V/8]

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