Verwood Village Scenes


Springfield Road





Looking towards the junction with Manor Road.

Manor Road Garage is on the left and Manor Road Stores on the right.

11 February 1978      [4/G/23]

Looking down Springfield Road from the same point as the picture above.

The white wall on the left belongs to number 5.

11 February 1978      [4/G/22]

Looking down the southerly spur of Springfield Road.

The house on the left is number 17 "Redlands".

11 February 1978      [4/G/24]

Looking north from the same spot as the picture above where Springfield Road changes direction.

The bungalow on the right is number 14.

11 February 1978      [4/G/25]

This is where Springfield Road leaves Manor Lane.

On the right is the entrance to "Birches", number 41 Manor Lane.

11 February 1978      [4/G/26]

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