Verwood Village Scenes


Vicarage Road





Vicarage Road where it meets Ringwood Road.

The new building in the centre was built as a branch of Lloyds Bank and subsequently became Verwood Town Council offices.

The methodist church beyond has been altered since this picture.

28 March 1976      [L/1]

The Post Office since occupied by Flower Corner and Peacock & Murphy.

28 March 1976      [L/2]

Looking south from outside "Caundle Villa" (number 24).

7 March 1976      [H/16]

Looking north from the junction with Howard Road.

7 March 1976      [H/15]

"Manor Oak Cottage".

7 March 1976      [H/17]

"Manor Oak Cottage" on the left and the entrance to Copse Road on the right.

7 March 1976      [H/14]

The telephone exchange.

7 March 1976      [H/18]

"Wood Rising" fronting onto Vicarage Road.

This and three other modern bungalows were demolished to make way for Manor Gardens.

7 March 1976      [H/19]

Looking north from the entrance to Montrose Close which was built on the site of the original vicarage.

7 March 1976      [H/13]

Montrose sheltered accommodation.

7 March 1976      [H/11]

This is where Vicarage Road joins Manor Road.

The house in the centre is "Penarth" which is number 34 in Manor Road.

The school buildings on the right are now obscured by the bungalow built in front.

7 March 1976      [H/12]

A closer view of the junction.

The monkey puzzle tree is in the garden of "Tricketts Cottage".

7 March 1976      [H/20]

Looking across the green from the spur of Vicarage Road onto Manor Road.

The brick bungalow is number 2. The white bungalows to the right are numbers 59 & 61 Manor Road.

The Electricity Board are replacing overhead cables damaged when a tree fell down outside "White Lodge".

1 February 1977      [2/O/9]

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