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The entrance into Lesser's works from Station Road.

In the background is The Albion Hotel and the access road to that was also access to the railway station.

The entire site has now been replaced by the development which is Albion Way

19 March 1983      [12/W/17]

This building was originally the station master's house. Lesser's works embraced the old railway station and goods yard.

On the right is the main two-storey office block.

19 March 1983      [12/W/16]

In the staff car park behind the old station master's house Instacom buildings are being erected to house the Export Department Offices.

16 April 1977      [02/Y/18]

Timber storage area on the southern side of the works.

The cars are parked in the directors and senior managers car park.

16 February 1982      [11/B/2]

The small two-storey building was built as an experiment but subsequently used as offices.

The picture was taken from the staff car park.

16 February 1982      [11/B/1]

The entrance gates to the works.

On the extreme left is the hut for the Security Guard.

On the extreme right I believe was the store for plywood and other board material.

The white doors behind the gates were the access to the emergency generator.

11 August 1976      [1/N/21]

The building at the centre of the picture was constructed in the companies Instacom system and used for offices.

The smoke is coming from a heath fire at Clump Hill.

11 August 1976      [1/N/20]

The single storey building was the canteen and was constructed in the companies PB4 system.

To the right are the main milling and assembly shops. The tower is a cyclone to collect the wood chips and dust from the woodworking machines.

16 February 1982      [11/B/03]

The blue shed was used as an archive.

The blue tank on the right held the wood preservative for the pressure treatment plant.

12 February 1982      [11/A/30]

The old nissan hut is being demolished to make way for new workshops.

This area was formerly a brickworks and the remains of the old kilns came to light during this work.

12 February 1982      [11/A/29]

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