Verwood Village Scenes


Bakers Farm





Looking north east towards the remnants of Bakers Farm.

Beyond is the copse which was replaced by Berkeley Close.

4 December 1976      [2/I/10]

A view of the buildings from the top of Crane Drive.

10 November 1976      [2/B/34]

The west side of the buildings with Station Road on the left.

23 November 1976      [2/H/2]

Looking up the track off Station Road.

10 November 1976      [2/B/35]

This picture was taken from the track between the buildings.

23 November 1976      [2/H/3]

Derelict remains inside the building above.

4 December 1976      [2/I/11]

The brook that runs between the Crane Drive development and Bakers Farm.

This is where the fire station has been built.

4 December 1976      [2/I/9]

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