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One of the product range of Lesser Building Systems was the Instacom. It was basically an office building made up of prefabricated segments.

24 January 1981      [8/Y/21]

Dennis Ings (right) and Wilf Jacobs (left) are overseeing the first new wide unit out of the works door.

24 January 1981      [8/Y/22]

The unit is emerging nicely.

24 January 1981      [8/Y/23]

By this stage everyone knows that the unit will go through the doors.

24 January 1981      [8/Y/24]

The first new unit takes to the road on a Monday morning. The load is 12 fett wide and the law required that the haulier provide ab escort.

26 January 1981      [8/Z/1]

The load fills Ringwood Road as it passes The Chase. The standard width for the Instacom building was 10 feet which came within normal load restrictions.

24 January 1981      [8/Z/2]

Approaching cars have to pull over.

26 January 1981      [8/Z/3]

The service van follows ...

26 January 1981      [8/Z/4]

... then comes the procession of vehicles which have been held up by the load.

26 January 1981      [8/Z/5]

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