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Seismic survey



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These pictures of the survey were taken in Eastworth Road. Here the vehicles are coming in from Station Road..

29 October 1984      [16/I/8]

The convoy of vehicles were raised up on a platform which then vibrated. The shock waves were recorded elsewhere at a monitoring station.

29 October 1984      [16/I/9]

Prior to the survey, probes were placed into the ground then connected together with cable which linked to the monitoring station.

29 October 1984      [16/I/12]

A machine sets up outside 'Shaftesbury House'.

29 October 1984      [16/I/11]

29 October 1984      [16/I/13]

This survey was conducted throughout the area over a period of several months.

29 October 1984      [16/I/10]

This was one of several surveys carried out on behalf of different oil companies.

29 October 1984      [16/I/14]

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