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Fire engine in The Chase heading for the forest. Smoke from the fire is visible rising from the trees on the right.

12 July 1976      [1/I/24]

Due to the extent of the fires, the road to Ringwood was closed at the village boundary at Ebblake.

12 July 1976      [1/I/26]

There were many fire appliances on site with firemen working around the closk. The car on the right is parked in what later was to become Blackmoor Road.

11 July 1976      [1/I/25]

A mobile command post was set up and a canteen operated to refresh the firemen. There was a presence from the Fire Brigade for about two weeks at this location.

12 July 1976      [1/I/30]

The fire spread right through the road between Ebblake and the entrance to the gravel pits. This was just one scene of many in the area during this period. Roads to West Moors were also closed and people could not get to their homes.

12 July 1976      [1/I/27]

The area of the damaged trees remained visible 20 years later but was not replanted for many years. The difference in growth is still visible today..

12 July 1976      [1/I/28]

The fire jumped across the road to the southern side. These fires made the national television news during this period.

12 July 1976      [1/I/29]

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