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Poster for the exhibition in Verwood Memorial Hall.

11 June 1983

This is a model of Verwood railway station constructed by Malcolm Smith which was being displayed as part of an exhibition in Verwood Memorial Hall.

11 June 1983      [1/I/08]

Operating the layout is Malcolm's son James and friend John Homfray.

11 June 1983      [1/I/09]

The layout was 16 feet long by 4 feet wide but was made up in two sections so that it could be transported.

11 June 1983      [1/I/10]

Also displayed were some items that came from Verwood station after it had closed.

11 June 1983      [1/I/11]

Badly focused detail of the station and Albion pub.


View from the back.


Railway enthusiast Robert Adley MP and his wife looking at the layout with Malcolm Smith and his son James with Geoffrey Pett the chairman of the Historical Society behind.

Newspaper clipping from the Western Gazette.


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