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Country life exhibition



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This exhibition of old impliments and artefacts was held at the Memorial Hall.

6 June 1981      [9/V/07]

More of the larger items displayed outside the hall.

6 June 1981      [9/V/08]

Mr Skeats behind some of his items on display inside the hall.

6 June 1981      [9/V/05]

A selection of woodworking tools.

6 June 1981      [9/V/06]

Animal traps being observed by an onlooker.

6 June 1981      [9/V/04]

A collection of bottles belonging to Mr T Revell.

6 June 1981      [9/V/01]

Donald Scrivens with his collection of old typewriters and sewing machines.

6 June 1981      [9/V/02]

A collection of pottery owned by Mr Scrivens of Verwood

6 June 1981      [9/V/03]

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