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Verwood Carnival Procession



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The Carnival Queen leading the procession of the 50th carnival at Verwood.

28 May 1984      [15/S/30]

Walking entrants with the Royal British Legion Ladies Section at the back.

28 May 1984      [15/S/30]

More assorted walking entries.

28 May 1984      [15/S/32]

Hillside First School 'Olympic Team'.

28 May 1984      [15/S/33]

'Verwood Fire Brigade' in the days before there was a fire station in the village.

28 May 1984      [15/S/34]

The Bournemouth Carnival Band in their Spiderman outfits ...

28 May 1984      [15/S/35]

... behind which is the spider!

28 May 1984      [15/S/36]

"The Miners".

28 May 1984      [15/S/37]

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