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This is the float made by some of the staff of Lesser Building Systems.

25 May 1981      [9/R/10]

It was extremely cold that day and there were frequent hail storms which were so strong that the backs of our hands were peppered with red marks.

25 May 1981      [9/R/11]

This theme was based on the TV show "Hi De HI" about a holiday camp. I'm the one in the Teddy Boy outfit.

25 May 1981      [9/R/12]

Back in the factory after the procession ...

25 May 1981      [9/R/13]

... we pack up and look forward to a hot bath.

25 May 1981      [9/R/14]

This is what the recreation ground looked like in the evening once the rain had stopped.

25 May 1981      [9/R/16]

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