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ROUND THE ISLAND - Anti-clockwise on the Coastal Path


Distance - About 70 miles
Start point - Cowes (OS ref. SZ500956)
Date walked - Summer 2000
Notes - Subsequent to this walk being surveyed, the coastline has slipped in a number of places due to
sustained heavy rain.  Consequently, sections of the path have been lost in places and been subject
to re-routing.
- The route has been split into the following sections set between points which are readily which are
readily accessible.  Each section is further sub-divided for clarity also to enable the walk to be
undertaken in stages.
Section  1   :   Cowes to Yarmouth
Section  2   :   Yarmouth to Freshwater Bay
Section  3   :   Freshwater Bay to Chale
Section  4   :   Chale to Ventnor
Section  5   :   Ventnor to Sandown
Section  6   :   Sandown to Ryde
Section  7   :   Ryde to Cowes

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