Verwood Village Scenes


Newtown Road





Looking north along Newtown Road from the entrance into Owls Road. Work is starting for the new junction with Burnbake Road.

The cars are at the crossing with Burnbake Road where Newtown Road had the priority in those days.

29 October 1984      [16/T/6]

The smallholding in which this cottage stood opposite Claylake Drive is being cleared ready for building. This was where Nightingale Close was built. The cottage was called "Brooklands" and had been the home of the Thorne family.

29 September 1978      [5/M/18]

The fields which are bounded by Newtown Lane on the east and Newtown Road on the south.

16 April 1978      [04/P/30]

The scout hut in Manor Road is visible at the centre of this picture.

16 April 1978      [04/P/29]

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