Verwood Village Scenes


Newtown Lane





The start of Newtown Lane from Manor Road.

Fields formerly were on the left where the building can be seen taking place.

16 April 1978      [4/P/19]

House number 131 is on the right.

Firs Glen Road can be seen on the right past the wooden fence.

Badger Way now exists on the left.

16 April 1978      [4/P/21]

Looking forward from the junction with Firs Glen Road.

16 April 1978      [4/P/23]

The bungalow on the left is number 49 "Ienda".

16 April 1978      [4/P/24]

Looking towards Newtown Road from where The Curlews now exists.

16 April 1978      [4/P/25]

This field was opposite The Curlews and is now replaced by the development at Hill Meadow.

16 April 1978      [4/P/26]

The houses visible on the other side of the field are in Newtown Road between the junction with Lake Road and Manor Road.

16 April 1978      [4/P/27]

The junction of Newtown Lane with Newtown Road.

16 April 1978      [4/P/28]

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