Verwood Village Scenes


Manor Road


Around Tricketts Cottage in the snow



"Tricketts Cottage" behind the monkey puzzle tree.

21 November 1976      [2/M/23]

"Tricketts Cottage" which still took water from a well and had a chemical toilet in a corrugated iron shed up the garden until around 1960.

The first Post Office in the village was at this cottage. An enamel sign "VERWOOD POST OFFICE" was dug up in the garden and is now in the possession of Verwood Historical Society.

Compare the picture on page 6 of Verwood Village Days.

15 February 1978      [4/H/2]

Looking north with "Penarth" (formerly the Bryer Ash coal office) in view at the centre of the picture.

The Post Office moved to "Penarth" from "Tricketts Cottage"

15 February 1978      [4/H/3]

Looking south.

15 February 1978      [4/H/4]

Looking up towards the junction with Vicarage Road.

15 February 1978      [4/H/25]

Youngsters having fun in the snow.

The house behind the trees is "Cartref"

15 February 1978      [4/H/23]

Looking down towards the lower junction with Church Hill.

The bungalow in the distance is number 62.

15 February 1978      [4/H/24]

Looking south from the lower junction with Church Hill.

21 November 1976      [2/M/21]

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