Verwood Village Scenes


Manor Road


Part 1 - Crossroads to Glenwood Road



At the junction with Manor Way.

Numbers 6 and 8 are in view on the left of the road. Number 6 is where Dr Pearson used to hold his surgery.

12 November 1976      [2/G/14]

Verwood United Reform Church (left) and the county library (right).

Compare this with the picture on page 12 of Verwood Village Days.

12 November 1976      [2/G/13]

Number 18 "Amberley" where Mrs Wilson used to hold her weekly produce auction.

12 November 1976      [2/G/15]

The Manor House wall on the left and on the right the entrance to number 24 "Nutshell" and 26 "Squirrels Haunt".

12 November 1976      [2/G/16]

The upper junction with Church Hill.

The bungalow is number 28 "Little Hollow"

12 November 1976      [2/G/17]

The junction with Church Hill

The houses in the background are at the junction with Vicarage Road..

12 November 1976      [2/G/18]

Taken from alongside the cemetery looking back towards the junctions with Church Hill.

The yellow markings on the road are for the church school.

12 November 1977      [3/W/3]

A view of the churchyard with the church school visible on the left.

7 March 1976      [H/9]

Taken from the end of Vicarage Road, this picture shows the school on the right.

The house in the centre is "Penarth" which was the office of Bryer Ash coal merchants whose yard was behind. It was also the post ofice after "Tricketts Cottage".

7 March 1976      [H/12]

Behind the wall of the former coal yard are numbers 38 and 40.

The monkey puzzle tree is in the garden of number 44 "Tricketts Cottage".

7 March 1976      [H/21]

The front garden of "Tricketts Cottage" looking across towards number 46 which stands on land that once belonged to "Tricketts Cottage".

The smoke in the background is coming from a heath fire at Clump Hill.

11 August 1976      [1/N/19]

There was a severe drought during 1976 and the dry ground caused this pine tree to fall over at "White Lodge".

The Sunday evening bus had just been past and I believe the vibration triggered the fall.

26 August 1976      [1/R/1]

Taken in 1990, this picture shows where another pine tree fell over at "White Lodge" bringing down the power lines.

The cause this time was a storm the previous night which caused widespread damage.

"White Lodge" was demolished in 2000.

28 January 1990      [22/K/33]

The lower junction with Church Hill.

12 November 1976      [2/G/19]

Looking south from Church Hill. The footpath on the right is on the original line of the road.

12 November 1976      [2/G/20]

Looking back at the same section of the road.

11 February 1978      [4/G/14]

The bungalow is number 62. Alongside the ground is being cleared for numbers 58 and 60 to be built.

11 February 1978      [4/G/13]

The entrance to Glenwood Road is on the right hand side.

11 February 1978      [4/G/15]

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