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Dewlands Way





Looking down Dewlands Way from Manor Road

11 April 1976      [N/17]

Taken from opposite Home Farm Road. The turning on the left now leads to the back of numbers 24 and 26 Manor Road. Numbers 18 to 26 (even numbers) in Dewlands Way now stand in the area of the old building at Home Farm at the centre of the picture.

11 April 1976     [N/18]

Land around Home Farm.

11 April 1976      [N/19]

The cottage at Home Farm, which had been empty for some time, stood round the corner and on the right hand side of the road from the picture above.

11 April 1976      [N/20]

Outbuildings at Home Farm.

11 April 1976      [N/21]

Taken from the top of the spur off Dewlands Way on the right. The footpath that goes through to Crane Drive is accessed from here.

The gates lead into the garden of "Chaseborough" but the sign indicates that the builders are about to commence work. Number 48 now occupies that area.

1 December 1976      [2/H/31]

The beech hedge as it belonged to the garden of "Chaseborough" at that time. "Chaseborough" is now Number 50.

I have heard a lifelong Verwood resident call this road Chaseborough Road and this may just be a colloquialism as "Chaseborough" was the most significant house in the road.

11 April 1976      [O/1]

"The Skep".

11 April 1976      [O/2]

Pig sties adjacent to where number 43 was built.

11 April 1976      [O/3]

"The Bungalow" (Number 51).

11 April 1976      [O/5]

"Dewfields" (Number 57).

Compare this with the picture from around 1930 on page 9 of Around Verwood. The house has hardly changed and the tree is still there in 1976 but has since been felled.

11 April 1976      [O/4]

Looking back up Dewlands Road from where Bridleways now is.

Compare this with the picture on page 5 of Verwood Village Days.

11 April 1976      [O/7]

Looking down Dewlands Road from Bridleways towards Dewlands Common. The houses in this picture were actually built on the common.

11 April 1976      [O/6]

Taken from just past Oaklands Close and looking towards Redmans View.

11 April 1976      [O/8]

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