Verwood Village Scenes


Dewlands Road





Looking up Dewlands Road from the junction with Margards Lane.

25 November 1978      [5/S/18]

Looking up towards Margards Lane with "Tobits" on the right.

25 November 1978      [5/S/17]

The field on the opposite side of the road to "Tobits".

25 November 1978      [5/S/19]

This picture was taken from Dewlands Common and shows "Dewlands Farm" with Doe's Lane on the left.

The picture was taken in 1983, a few years later than the others in this sequence.

19 March 1983      [12/W/2]

Looking towards Dewlands Common from Doe's Lane.

It was possible then to see the houses at Redmans View but they are now obscured since the common has been allowed to grow over.

House numbers 92, 94 and 96 are in view on the left of Dewlands Road.

25 November 1978      [5/S/20]

Dewlands Common on the right.

The white cottage is number 80 and the red house is number 82 "Eriador".

25 November 1978      [5/S/21]

The bungalow has been replaced with numbers 76 and 78.

The entrance to Stagswood development is on the left hand side just beyond the bungalow.

25 November 1978      [5/S/22]

The bungalow on the left is number 70 "Hillcrest".

25 November 1978      [5/S/23]

The white bungalow is number 44 "Summerlands".

25 November 1978      [5/S/24]

The bungalow in view on the left is number 38.

Dewlands Way joins on the right.

25 November 1978      [5/S/25]

Taken from just past the junction with West Close.

The bungalow on the extreme left is number 32.

The track on the right leads into the bottom end of the wood yard.

25 November 1978      [5/S/26]

The timber stockpile with Thorne's own lorry in view.

25 November 1978      [5/S/27]

On the extreme right is the conveyor belt where the offcuts were discharged. These could be purchased by the bag or car-boot load and were useful for burning at home.

The house in view on the right called "Englewood" belonged to the mill.

25 November 1978      [5/S/28]

The sawmill.

It can be seen that the road was full of potholes. As a concession to the residents, about once a year the owners of the sawmills would scrape this section of the road, fill the holes and roll it level.

25 November 1978      [5/S/30]

Looking from the entrance to the sawmill.

The house in view in Station Road was "The Coppice" which belonged to the Thorne family who owned the sawmill.

25 November 1978      [5/S/29]

The cottage in the background is "The Cottage" in Station Road.

25 November 1978      [5/S/31]

The junction of Dewlands Road with Station Road.

25 November 1978      [5/S/32]

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