Verwood Village Scenes


Bridleway 30

August 1999




The start of the bridleway in Edmonsham Road opposite the junction with Coopers Lane.

5 August 1999      [28/A/34]

The bridleway is usually quite muddy here as it passes through a small copse.

5 August 1999      [28/A/35]

Looking back at the copse as it breaks out into open ground.

12 August 1999      [28/B/14]

Turning round at the same spot you can see up to Eastworth Road.

12 August 1999      [28/B/13]

Looking down the bridleway from Eastworth Road.

The house on the left is "Old Oaks".

5 August 1999      [28/A/36]

At this end of the bridleway is a gate into one of the fields.

(It is not hard to spot that this picture was taken at a different time from the others).

19 January 1985      [16/V/29]

Looking along Eastworth Road from the Edmonsham Road end at the entrance to Bridleway 30.

12 August 1999      [28/B/17]

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