Verwood Village Scenes


Bridleway 10





The start of the bridleway where it continues north from Burrows Lane. Pistle Down is to the right.

The bridleway is now a designated Byway.

5 August 1999      [28/A/9]

Looking back southwards.

5 August 1999      [28/A/10]

Looking back further along.

5 August 1999      [28/A/11]

Fields are to the west on the left and Pistle Hill is away to the right.

5 August 1999      [28/A/12]

Approaching the point where this bridleway meets Nellie's Lane which is also bridleway 3.

On the right is the camping field of "HIllside".

5 August 1999      [28/A/13]

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