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These pages will show some of the old LSWR/SR routes.

Each route has been split up into sections to enable the pages to load up in a reasonable time but not too short as that would spoil the continuity of the virtual trip along the lines. Unfortunately, the line had already been lifted in places when these pictures were taken but the trackbed still gives a feeling for the routes and some relics are still in place.

Although the pictures are kept in the correct sequence along the lines, they have been taken at various times so the appearance of buildings, lineside structures, etc. may vary. However, this makes it interesting to see how the lines have changed over the years.

I have photographs of the lines listed below on which the pages are under construction one at at time and are being altered and enlarged all the time.

Bodmin & Wadebridge Railway
Bournemouth New Line
Dorchester West to Weymouth
Fawley branch
Hamworthy branch
London & Southampton Railway
Padstow Extension
Southampton & Dorchester Railway
Salisbury & Dorset Junction Railway
and many more ...

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