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My ability to keep a daily diary petered out in October last year so this year I shall approach my note-keeping in a different manner.

The weather conditions had an effect on the produce again last year. Potatoe foliage was caught by late frosts then productivity was at about 30% of normal due to the summer drought. Root crops were generally good except the Scorzonera which would not germinate. Beans were good and late sowings of Runner Beans were best. Brassicas germinated poorly and production yields were below average.

Preparation for next year is well behind schedule owing to the very wet month in November then the prolonged spells of frost, ice and snow throughout December.

The first thing I did was to revamp my website a bit. I found that the diary was not as useful as I intended also my record keeping had lapsed so was no longer useful for future reference.

I was given some gift tokens for Marshall's Seeds at Christmas so I will get on and place an order soon. Marshall's have been my preferred supplier for some time although they do not always have the particular varieties that I require. I have started to look at some of the heritage seed companies now.

I have decided to give up one of my allotments at the end of this season so I have started to plan a revised layout for the one I shall keep.

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